Sunday, November 11

Family Portrait

My mom has been on our case for a long while about getting a family portrait taken. The one on her wall is from a time when Connor was still in diapers and we had a different third child. It was reinforced recently when Connor was asked to bring a picture of our family to school for a project, yet we could only find one that contained all five of us (minutes after Fiona was born). So, this family of photographers decided it was time to gather on the other side of the lens. Let's call this the before shot:

And this is our angelic group moments later:


Sarah Megan said...

Both are cute, but you know I love the first one best. It is SO your family...which means it is EXACTLY what I love about ya'll.

Lori Ann said...

nice picture...the kids have grown so much. Are you ready for your boy to be 5? It's just around the corner.

Allan White said...

I love that first frame - makes me laugh every time I see it. That's pretty much the reality folks, no staging here.

Nice to have something resembling an updated family portrait. I do wish Ayannah could have stayed with us, though.

rebecca marie said...

pictures of fiona are the reason i can't get over the fact that the mister won't have a third child.

those are gorgeous pictures.

phyllis said...

Thank you for coming through with a cute family picture! It's true the first one is so your family, but I love the second one. In fact, it is up on our family photo wall already. Thank you, thank you!