Saturday, November 10

And Question 3/4

So...what next?

New possibilities have opened up. Make the change.

So what next, huh? Today's next is to wash my face, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed. Tommorrow's next is to spend some time with a few of those talked about in yesterday's post. But that's probably not quite what this question is after.

I think if I came away from this exercise with any specific ideas, it is that I want to be more deliberate. You know that freaky moment when you pull in the driveway but you can't remember the details of driving there? Your autopilot had apparently been on and got you from one place to another safely. It is so easy to go through the motions of the Sunday morning assembly without engaging one's spirit with the Spirit. At the end of the day you realize that you didn't spend time in play with your children. Weeks (or months) go by between dates with one's spouse. Just letting life happen; forgetting what it's all about. I don't want it to be like that. I want to be deliberate. I want to focus on the many areas of life that are going well and to work to improve myself in those areas that are holding me back. I want to engage with the Spirit and play with my kids and go on dates with my husband.

For now, I am going to deliberately crawl into bed.

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