Wednesday, February 21

Looking to November 2008

I am a bit of a news junkie; I like to know what is going on in the world. It is not very long that I have been awake each morning when I check my news feeds to see what has happened overnight. Each morning's check is accompanied by a slight buzz of anticipation, since it seems many of our big news stories have hit us on the West Coast during that morning hour (e.g. Oklahoma, 9/11, tsunami). Then there are those lesser news stories that may have contributed to the phrase "ad nauseam". I think we have all had more than our fill of Anna Nichole and Brittany lately.

I read this headline earlier this week: Only 468 Days Until the Election. Really?? The way it has been all over the headlines made me think the election had to be just weeks away! We know copious amounts of info on the black candidate, the woman candidate, the Mormon, the hero, the boring, the repeat, and few dozen others. How are any of these people doing the jobs that they are currently being paid for when they are running for President of the United States of America a full two years in advance? Crazy.

I, hereby, proclaim that no one shall declare their intent to run for President until one year before Election Day. All in favor?

Friday, February 16

Anyone Know a Good Pet Shrink?

People may argue about the validity of animals having emotions, but I have discovered that cats can indeed suffer from PTSD. It might occur if, let's say, a timid little feline is cornered under a small bed by a rather boisterous young man-cub and then trapped there by mounds of clothes and toys. Freedom only comes some time later when mom hollers, "Who unloaded their dresser on to the floor??" "But I needed to keep the cat under the bed, mom." What?!?

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

I happen to be spending this Valentine's Day with my three littler loves while my first love is out for the evening. Signs of our old love (old in the good sense - like aged wine) that I am noticing on this particular evening when he's not here? I had to hang up my robe that always ends up tossed on the bed; I didn't realize that had become part of his daily routine. No one is telling me that I shouldn't be watching Criminal Minds before bed (although it bothers him much more than it does me). There are no willing hands here to rub my feet. I have to clean out the kitty litter - blek! One day to remember to say "I love you" is fine, but it the little daily gifts that mean everything.

Thursday, February 8

A Good Reminder

From Mike Cope's blog today:

I want to encourage all you younger parents out there in blogsphere. It is hard to be the parent who lovingly gives a hard time. It’s hard to be the one who enforces tv/computer time limits, homework, and bedtimes. It’s difficult to set age-appropriate limits to movies when “every other kids’ parents let them watch whatever they want.” It’s tough to be firm when you’re exhausted from work and life’s stresses.

But hang in there! Your kids are counting on you — whether they yet know it or not. (I just saw a teenager on the plane whose t-shirt had two words: NO LECTURES!)

Your children need to know that YOU are the parent. In too many homes, the children run everything by parents who are overly-eager to please. If they don’t like the Bible class, they don’t have to go. If they have more friends at another church, the family leaves. If they want to eat unhealthily — well, we reassure ourselves that at least they’re eating something. If there is a problem with a coach or a teacher, the child is always assumed to be right.

Be the adult! Be the loving, compassionate, tender, but very-much-in-charge parent! It’s one of life’s ironies: that the one thing kids say they don’t want (rules and limits) is what they need.

I’m not talking, of course, about being a tyrant or about being inflexible. I’m talking about being lovingly in charge.

It may seem to kids that parents who mind their own business, don’t serve vegies, let them wear whatever is in style, allow unlimited time on the net to chat, permit any movie to be shown when friends come over, and ask no questions about where they’re going in the evening are the cool parents.

Here’s my encouragement: Don’t try to be the cool parents. Be the parents who take the time and the love to give a hard time.

Eventually, when your kids age a bit, they’ll know that you really were the cool parents.