Friday, February 16

Anyone Know a Good Pet Shrink?

People may argue about the validity of animals having emotions, but I have discovered that cats can indeed suffer from PTSD. It might occur if, let's say, a timid little feline is cornered under a small bed by a rather boisterous young man-cub and then trapped there by mounds of clothes and toys. Freedom only comes some time later when mom hollers, "Who unloaded their dresser on to the floor??" "But I needed to keep the cat under the bed, mom." What?!?


phyllis said...

Now which one needs the shrink,
the cat, Connor, or Mom?

Poor kitty!

KMiV said...

I think that growing up, we gave a lot of cats PTSD. I can remember our favorite trick of putting the cat on the slick floor, spinning it around about 20 times, then beating on the floor with our hands. This scared the cat causing it to run but because it was dizzy it would wobble all over the place. That was good for a 20 laugh.

I repent.

Amanda Peterson said...

I think there is a pet psychic that you can call on Animal Planet. Not sure if that would help the PTSD, but maybe you can warn the cat of coming trauma. Which then of course might give it Pre-TSD.

Randy said...

So that's what's wrong with our cat!