Wednesday, February 21

Looking to November 2008

I am a bit of a news junkie; I like to know what is going on in the world. It is not very long that I have been awake each morning when I check my news feeds to see what has happened overnight. Each morning's check is accompanied by a slight buzz of anticipation, since it seems many of our big news stories have hit us on the West Coast during that morning hour (e.g. Oklahoma, 9/11, tsunami). Then there are those lesser news stories that may have contributed to the phrase "ad nauseam". I think we have all had more than our fill of Anna Nichole and Brittany lately.

I read this headline earlier this week: Only 468 Days Until the Election. Really?? The way it has been all over the headlines made me think the election had to be just weeks away! We know copious amounts of info on the black candidate, the woman candidate, the Mormon, the hero, the boring, the repeat, and few dozen others. How are any of these people doing the jobs that they are currently being paid for when they are running for President of the United States of America a full two years in advance? Crazy.

I, hereby, proclaim that no one shall declare their intent to run for President until one year before Election Day. All in favor?


Sarah Megan said...


I play with who I am voting for. I really don't know. The only reason I like these candidates getting so far ahead is that their views are as uninfluenced as they will be for the whole election. But other than that, it just starts animosity among the masses. So I definitely agree

Randy said...


How about the day before?

Leah said...