Tuesday, May 30

Low Rider

Thanks to all of you who contributed guesses for the baby date & gender. All of you (except Kaelea who voted for twins - ack!) remain in my good graces for not putting any August dates! The last few days have seen an increase in folks on the street voicing their opinions as to the sex, as well. One hundred percent consensus from strangers is - It's a Boy! They don't care when I explain that I have carried my other two, including a girl, low and out front. It's a Boy! they declare. The lady behind the hotdog counter at Costco, after making such a confident prediction, reached across the counter, felt the side of my belly and boldly concluded, Yep, you've got a little man coming! I wonder how she would have felt had I reached across the counter and patted her belly in return? :-)

Friday, May 26

Baby Game!

Baby's arrival is coming upon us in less than two months! I thought we'd put a friendly little guessing game out there to see who can predict the baby's sex and birth date. The winner will get...something great, I'm sure! A Burgerville milkshake? Rights to change the first diaper? Something magical, no doubt. I'm up for suggestions on that, as well.

No, I do not have any inclinations as to the sex of the baby. I was sure Trinity was going to be a boy (Caleb), so I don't really trust my instincts anyway. The only fairly reliable old wives tale is if the woman consistently dreams of one sex (it's 95% accurate as a predictor, so I read), but alas, I have only had two baby dreams - one with a boy and one with a girl.

The estimated due date has been July 25, but baby was measuring a week or so ahead of schedule. Trinity was induced five days after her due date; Connor was induced two weeks ahead of his due date, so no help predicting from there either!

Here's the guesses so far:
  • male, July 10 - daddy
  • female, July 11 - Trinity
  • male, July 25 - Connor
  • male, July 14 - Grammy
  • male, July 20 - Grandaddy
  • female, July 18 - Uncle Mike
  • female, July 16 - Aunt Koni
  • male, July 15 - A.J.
  • male, July 1 - William
  • male, July 14 - Aunt Dana

Thursday, May 25

To a little girl on her third birthday...

Three years old - how exciting! I wonder what kind of party you asked for this year. Was it Dora or Blues Clues? Or maybe with the influence of your older sister you are already into princesses or Barbie. I bet it will be fun, no matter what character adorns your cake!

Time is funny - I can't decide if it seems like it has been just a day or two since we lost you or if it has been forever. I guess it has been half of your lifetime since we were your family. You are probably such a funny kid now - full of energy and strong in will.

We think of you all of the time. I recently confessed to some family that I look for you every time I'm in a mall, seeing all of those families walking and talking together. Allan said he does the same thing at the park. I don't know what I'd do if I did actually see you again. Would I introduce myself to your family? Would I watch you for a little while from a distance - just to see you laugh and hear you talk? Would it break my heart or would I feel comfort in seeing that you were well cared for and happy?

You know that's what we've always prayed for - that you would be part of a family where you would know boundless love. And more importantly, we pray you are in a place where you can get to know Jesus. I'm sure our first prayer has been answered beyond measure already. I don't know if the second one has been answered...yet. I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord is going to surround you with opportunities to meet and fall in love with Jesus in your lifetime. Although it will be your choice, I believe that He will make it hard for you not to love Him, if for no other reason than to allow us to be with you in heaven. I look forward to that day.

So, my dear girl, enjoy this very special third birthday! As we silently acknowledge this day of celebration for you, we thank God for the amazing, special gift you were to us.

Thursday, May 18

A is for Apple

Today I read about an author who commits to reading 100 books each year! After several years of nothing longer than Goodnight Moon, Real Simple magazine and friends' blogs, I have been trying to read more grown-up books this year, so I thought I'd go back and count them up. I'm afraid I am not quite on pace. I have blogged nine book reviews since January and am about four posts behind. That puts me at about one book every 10.61 days; while the pace setter reads a new one every 3.65 days. Well, he does get paid to read and write, right?? Actually, I'm pretty pleased with my increased consumption this year. Glad I got four new books for my birthday last week! Got to get crackin' (see my other blog for updates).

Monday, May 15

The Core

Tonight as I was flipping around during the commercials, I came across a scene from a movie where a man, wearing a suit that is designed to withstand 5,000º, had to enter the core of the earth where it was a balmy 10,000º. Needless to say, he, along with his lovely, shiny, metalic suit, melted to smithereens. That was me today.

Friday, May 12


Lost is just such a cool show. Last week's episodes was jaw-dropping, one of those NO WAY!! endings that leave you salivating for the next week to quickly pass. And for us poor saps who have yet to get Tivo, we can now watch missed ones right on ABC's website (which is faster than waiting for a dear husband to get it online, as well). Is it Wednesday yet??

Saturday, May 6

Ode to Maturity

I am growing up. I really am. Lately, on two separate occasions, I have chosen friendship over old rivalry and had Lakers play-off games aired in my home. Not only did I welcome my friends to watch the games here, but I did not once make any, not even one, disparaging remark against the team that has caused more ire to stir within me than any other since the Pistons and that Bill Laimbeer punk (whom I still might bite in the kneecap - since that's all I could reach - if he came within view). Back to how I've matured, though...I have actually enjoyed watching these games and felt very little negative reaction to the purple and yellow, oops - I mean gold, uniforms. So, tonight, after a crushing game seven, I offer my deepest empathies to my friends, Billy and Hershell. I know how it feels, man.