Sunday, June 25

The Latest

I have not posted much lately because I have been consumed by two major life events. The first being the rather obvious impending birth of our third child and trying to be a somewhat decent mom to the other two in the mean time. Not an easy task, to say the least, but they are patient and loving with my limited abilities. The second being PSP, our PUMP Summer Program, which begins tomorrow morning with 120 beautiful children! We have had our ten interns for two weeks, team building, prepping and preparing for the next six weeks of dynamic ministry with these kids and families.

I have been living and breathing these two things for a number of weeks (months?) now. When we saw that Allan had a work trip and it was at the Oregon coast, rather than Florida, Texas, or D.C., we jumped on the opportunity for me to take a little respite and go along for the weekend. It was a much-needed time of quiet and rest and cool weather. Oh, and the food - salmon for dinner, crab for lunch, shrimp for dinner! Fresh fruit! Decadent desserts! And, best of all, little of it paid for by us!

We got to spend even more quality time together on the six-hour drive home. Did I say six hours - from Lincoln City? Yes, that's what I said (long, not very exciting story). Back to the valley of 100 degrees, where my feet immediately swelled up to the size of watermelons. BUT, we walked into a house that had been cleaned by my dear friend Kymm. After a lot of hugging and yammering, my beautiful kids are now asleep in the next room. And I am currently perched in front of the cool air condition unit (with ice bags on my feet) that my husband struggled to install at 10:30 tonight (thank you, dear!).

Life is good.

Friday, June 9

Zoo Field Trip

Connor, Aunika, Trinity & seal lion friend

Tuesday, June 6

You're No Grown-Up, Mom!

Cute car conversation with Connor today...

C: Mom, I need some Sprite.
K: You need Sprite?
C: God drinks Sprite.
K: Really?
C: ...and coffee.
K: God likes coffee?
C: God's a grown-up.
K: But I don't drink coffee.
C: But God does 'cause he's a grown-up.

Saturday, June 3

Sports Psychology

How much of sports is mental? Do Kobe, Dirk, Steve have an amazing advantage over the rest of the world in basketball, in particular, because of their great physical talents or because of some mental edge? Or both? I just watched a total mental breakdown by the Phoenix Suns. How can a team, who is dominating to the point of being 18 points ahead, completely lose focus or drive or motivation to enter the final minutes of the game looking as if there had never been any hope?

Individuals can definitely have an issue with this. I think Rasheed is one of those guys who can be an amazing player, but in the moment when the pressure is greatest, he can't hold up mentally for some reason. He did it the other night against Miami - unable to get anything to drop at the point in the game that was the make-it-or-break-it for his team. He had done the same thing at the last game of The Blazers, in May, 2000. That was a total team effort, though.

In game seven we were up by 15 with 10 minutes left in play. And then that mental break happened. Rasheed missed six in a row. Steve Smith missed the next four. Scottie Pippen threw away his shares of missed shots as well. We were outscored 25 to four in the last nine minutes. What on earth could cause such a total meltdown?

Although we just saw it happen in professional basketball, I think it happens in all sports at all levels. Our volleyball team used to do this. One game or one night we're playing like the Flaming Watermelons that we were (David Letterman stunt inspired team name); then, sometimes in a moment, we looked like we could be trounced by a junior high team.

I suppose there is not one answer to this question or it wouldn't be such an issue. Teams would figure out that solution and know how to avoid such a predicament. I find it a fascinating phenomenon. Any insightful thoughts?