Thursday, October 19

Where's My Prize??

On a recent drive-through episode, Connor and I decided that there is a great injustice taking place in our country. Connor pointed out that it is not fair that he gets a treat with his kid's meal, but grown-ups get nothing - but the bill, of course. So we started brainstorming. Connor suggested Thomas trains and Matchbox cars - big surprise there. It got me thinking. There are all sorts of great little treats with which the fast food chains could delight adults. Miniature lotions or shave gels. A nail file or small roll of duct tape. A piece of fruit, a chocolate truffle or even just a little mint. Don't we deserve a treat, too?

What other good ideas do you have for grown up meal prizes?

Monday, October 16

The Evolution Of Beauty

As a mom of little girls, I struggle with how to teach them about real beauty - that we are amazing and valuable because we are daughters of the King. It's hard to be heard over the lies bombarding us from every angle, but I will continue to seek ways to instill the TRUTH. And maybe remember to believe it myself.