Wednesday, June 27

Personality Continued

Thanks for all of your input on the personality discussion! Have I mentioned how much fun this stuff is?

So one of the books sums the types up with a one phrase byline. I added the people whose types I know. They seem remarkably accurate for the most part, don't you think? *I'm adding updates as people tell me.

ESTP [for some reason I don't have the tagline for this one]

ESFP: You Only Go Around Life Once

ESTJ: Life's Administrators

ESFJ: Hosts & Hostesses of the World


ENFP: Giving Life an Extra Squeeze
(i.e. lots of laughing and talking)
Big Steve, Allan, Randy, Kami, Kristi B.

ENFJ: Smooth-Talking Persuader
(i.e. lots and lots of talking)
Luke, Erica, Sarah, Kenli

ENTJ: Life's Natural Leaders

Jason, Carol (J's mom), Ike (seriously - Ike & Jason have the same type? interesting...), Priscilla

ENTP: One Exciting Challenge After Another

INFP: Performing Noble Service to Aid Society

Andrew (you do-gooder, you!), Lindsey

INTP: A Love of Problem-Solving

INTJ: Everything Has Room For Improvement
(a byline that is close to my heart)
Jessica G, Adam (intern), Jessica B

INFJ: An Inspiration to Others
(insert Chicago song here)
Cheryl, Casey

ISTJ: Doing What Should Be Done
("Lord, tell Mary to come help with dinner!")
Aimee Jo, Kristi, Christa, Cheronn

ISTP: Willing to Try Anything

ISFJ: A High Sense of Duty
Emily, Leah

ISFP: Sees Much But Shares Little
Kaelea, Jeb

Now I'm trying to figure out what other people are. I think my brother Jeff (he & Kenli are the only ones I know who have scored 100% extroverted!) must be an ENTJ? Dad may be an INTJ and mom and INFJ? Kaelea would probably be an INFJ? Suzy is an ESFJ?

I know you want more of this, so stay tuned! Possibility for an argument to come (get ready INTJs & ENTJs!).

Thursday, June 21

Personality Type

I entered the field of psychology many years ago primarily because I am fascinated with what makes a person be the person he or she is. Birth order, societal influences, traumas, successes, personality wiring - they all play a part in making us who we are.

This last week a few of us from PUMP took the summer interns out on our annual intern retreat. We spent time on a ropes course, playing games, and discussing our Myers-Briggs types. The Myers-Briggs is one of the most highly respected and amazingly accurate personality indicators. I always enjoy watching people discover and share about those unique aspects of their own personality. And as many times as the staff and I take it ourselves, our discussions always serve as excellent reminders about our areas of strength and those that stretch us into zones of discomfort.

From where do you draw your energy?

Sensing - Intuition
How do you prefer to process information?

Thinking - Feeling
How do you prefer to make decisions?

Judgment - Perception
How do you prefer to organize your life?

You can take an online version here. I'd love it if you'd share what your type & percentages are. This site doesn't have the best descriptions of each type, but there are a ton online if you want more (or I'll share what I have with you!).

I'll talk about my own type soon...

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

Here's a little video I put together (with the help of my genius husband) to honor the PUMP men and the great fathers that they are to so many kids at PUMP.

father's day

Saturday, June 9

Kristi For President!

The other day I took part in a rare political discussion. Rare in the sense that I actually was having a conversation about politics. Allan and I attempt political discussions all of the time, but they mostly consist of him using lots of big words and complex notions, while I nod my head and throw in the perfunctory "uh-huh", just to keep up appearances. Anyway, back to my discussion with a twenty-something female about "who would you vote for today?". She, with no hesitation, declared Barack to be the clear winner in her book. It was in our examination of other candidates, though, that I found myself trapped by her next adamant declaration. It went something like: No woman should ever, ever be President of the United States. Seriously?? Her reason why? Because women are too emotional - and important decisions for our country can not be based on emotion. That's really had me thinking the last few days. Is that true? Can a woman not lead a country because we more emotionally-based than our male counterparts? I know I couldn't be President because I do tend to cry when under a lot of pressure and that just wouldn't do. But what about Margaret Thatcher? Indira Ghandi? Golda Meir? Benazir Bhutto? My young friend countered that these women were not leading The United States of America, and although that is true, I'm not really sure what she meant by that answer. I'm fairly sure I won't be marking Hillary's name in 2008, but will we see a woman President in my lifetime? If so, she'd better have waterproof mascara. Smeared make-up from all of the crying is just so unbecoming in the press photos.

Sunday, June 3

Debt Reduction

Like many people, Allan and I feel the drain of fatigue on an on-going basis. I just read a little about sleep debt. Wikipedia says, " [evaluating sleep debt] involves relaxing quietly and alone for a short amount of time. If the feeling of sleep comes fairly easily, one is considered to have sleep debt." Since it takes me all of about ten seconds to fall asleep at night, I figure I must qualify, according to this measure. A while back I was intrigued by Jason's plan to get to bed early for one month. I like staying up late, despite the cost of exhaustion the next day. It seems to have taken its toll on me lately, though. So this week Allan and I are going to bed by 10:30 each night. We're on our third night, but frankly, I feel more sleepy (and I'm afraid grumpy) than ever. I know, I know - it takes more than a few days to make up for a year of interrupted sleep. Ack! I better run - 10:29 p.m. Good night!