Wednesday, June 27

Personality Continued

Thanks for all of your input on the personality discussion! Have I mentioned how much fun this stuff is?

So one of the books sums the types up with a one phrase byline. I added the people whose types I know. They seem remarkably accurate for the most part, don't you think? *I'm adding updates as people tell me.

ESTP [for some reason I don't have the tagline for this one]

ESFP: You Only Go Around Life Once

ESTJ: Life's Administrators

ESFJ: Hosts & Hostesses of the World


ENFP: Giving Life an Extra Squeeze
(i.e. lots of laughing and talking)
Big Steve, Allan, Randy, Kami, Kristi B.

ENFJ: Smooth-Talking Persuader
(i.e. lots and lots of talking)
Luke, Erica, Sarah, Kenli

ENTJ: Life's Natural Leaders

Jason, Carol (J's mom), Ike (seriously - Ike & Jason have the same type? interesting...), Priscilla

ENTP: One Exciting Challenge After Another

INFP: Performing Noble Service to Aid Society

Andrew (you do-gooder, you!), Lindsey

INTP: A Love of Problem-Solving

INTJ: Everything Has Room For Improvement
(a byline that is close to my heart)
Jessica G, Adam (intern), Jessica B

INFJ: An Inspiration to Others
(insert Chicago song here)
Cheryl, Casey

ISTJ: Doing What Should Be Done
("Lord, tell Mary to come help with dinner!")
Aimee Jo, Kristi, Christa, Cheronn

ISTP: Willing to Try Anything

ISFJ: A High Sense of Duty
Emily, Leah

ISFP: Sees Much But Shares Little
Kaelea, Jeb

Now I'm trying to figure out what other people are. I think my brother Jeff (he & Kenli are the only ones I know who have scored 100% extroverted!) must be an ENTJ? Dad may be an INTJ and mom and INFJ? Kaelea would probably be an INFJ? Suzy is an ESFJ?

I know you want more of this, so stay tuned! Possibility for an argument to come (get ready INTJs & ENTJs!).


Aimee Jo said...

Bring on the argument!!
I'm much better at arguing over the computer than in person.

Jessica Bolt said...

So. I'd just like to point out that my T/F score was very borderline. I think that I equally identify with INTJs and INFJs, just to put that out there. Thanks for sticking me in a box, Kristi. :)

Jennifer Davis said...

I am an ENTJ (although in one test I was a borderline ESTJ). No doubt about the "E" part!

Luke Coles said...

I'm not very good with words. I can a be a smooth talker.

Leah said...

ISFJ. That's me. Admittedly, I am not taking the time right now to read all of the literature on this subject because I'm supposed to be working on some other things... like resting.

Priscilla said...

This was very interesting to me because I took the test...ENTJ and my hubby took the test...ISFP. Opposites attract!

Lindsey said...
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kristi said...

The Myers-Briggs is an interestring test. I has been interestring taking a testing class in school and learning about the realibility and validity of the Myers-Briggs as well as other tests. I've taken the test several times - I am an ENFP - although the older I get (or more times I take the test -whichever way you look at it) my E score/% decreases

Lindsey said...

I've taken the MBTI several times with the same result: INFP. But I started college as an extreme introvert, and last time I tested, I got almost equal scores for intro- and extroversion. According to one book I read, this makes me an "ambivert".

Personality stuff is fascinating to me too, Kristi; I'm glad you're blogging about it!

Steve Maxwell said...

This is very cool and man, does it help things make more sense. Thanks Kristi. And hey, I am all for the arguing, but I would much rather get everybody together - say Disney World- and have a party - then we can discuss. :-)

cheronn said...

I'm a little late getting this in there. I am an ISTJ. Some might not agree with the I, but that is what came up.

Big Mike Lewis said...

Funny enough, I was border INFP/ENFP. It depends on the situation whether I am outgoing or not.

Anonymous said...

Big Mike Lewis: I'm also an infp/enfp, and nfp's are best as writers, and it's so true, because I LOVE to write poetry!