Sunday, January 28

Blessed Day

It was a good Sunday. My family, having gotten up and ready on time, was stress-free and even enjoyed breakfast together. Amazing gift, Lord. In our worship assembly, I found the mental and spiritual space to actually worship the Creator. Praise you, Lord. The children's program was funny, imaginative, and taught a great lesson for kids and adults alike. Discipline me, Lord. The kids praised loudly before Jesus. Bless you, Lord. In adult class we wrestled with what it means to store up treasure in heaven. Teach me, Lord. Our leadership team, with respectful and loving communication, dreamed and planned and debated what it means to be the church that God calls us to be. Show us, Lord. I am tired after a long day. But it's a good tired. The kind of tired that comes from exertion that really matters. Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, January 23

Free Song of the Week

iTunes free download this week is from a familiar source.
On the Third Day is taken from Michael Olson's sophomore album, Where Fear and Faith Collide. The track is a watertight pop song ready for mainstream acceptance, with the Christian artist relaying his faith with a tremendous amount of passion and confidence. Those with a weakness for epic grandeur and who tend to get misty-eyed thinking of 'we are all one'-type sentiments should have a seat and take a listen to our free Discovery Downlado.
- iTunes Store

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Tuesday, January 16

Another Tuesday

Just another Tuesday morning. After we all got to stay home together for MLK Day on Monday, it's back to the routine, back to the grindstone. That is - until the blinds were opened to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland! There is nothing better than that first glance at your snow covered neighborhood, especially when it is a great surprise; then it's all eyes on the t.v. to see the beloved words SCHOOL CLOSED! So instead of commutes, ABCs, packing lunches, and "Hurry up - we're late!", we had snow angels, cross-country skiing (you know Allan and his sick need to exercise), hot chili, and another good family day. We already know that school is closed tomorrow because of expected ice. Another good day in the forecast.

Snow Day in Portland2Snow Day in Portland11

Saturday, January 13

Fly Away

Allan and I stayed up too late watching Superman Returns last night. Some important thoughts:
  • When Superman and Lois go for their romantic flights, how do her legs stay horizontal? Wouldn't they be dangling down in a most unbecoming way?
  • It would be quite a challenge to win a custody battle against Superman. I just can't see him saying, I'll take every other weekend and holidays.
  • Even though they don't actually sing the lyrics in the movie, it is impossible to go to sleep with Can You Read My Mind? playing over and over and over in one's head.