Tuesday, January 23

Free Song of the Week

iTunes free download this week is from a familiar source.
On the Third Day is taken from Michael Olson's sophomore album, Where Fear and Faith Collide. The track is a watertight pop song ready for mainstream acceptance, with the Christian artist relaying his faith with a tremendous amount of passion and confidence. Those with a weakness for epic grandeur and who tend to get misty-eyed thinking of 'we are all one'-type sentiments should have a seat and take a listen to our free Discovery Downlado.
- iTunes Store

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Johnathan M. Thomas said...

Thanks for the tip. There have been so many BAD free songs on iTunes, I just gave up.


Sarah Megan said...

yeah its definitely NOT been a fun day, but that means that tomorrow will just be better, right?!?!

Just gotta make it through the night and then I bet Ill be better tomorrow.

Just makes my ribs sore