Sunday, January 28

Blessed Day

It was a good Sunday. My family, having gotten up and ready on time, was stress-free and even enjoyed breakfast together. Amazing gift, Lord. In our worship assembly, I found the mental and spiritual space to actually worship the Creator. Praise you, Lord. The children's program was funny, imaginative, and taught a great lesson for kids and adults alike. Discipline me, Lord. The kids praised loudly before Jesus. Bless you, Lord. In adult class we wrestled with what it means to store up treasure in heaven. Teach me, Lord. Our leadership team, with respectful and loving communication, dreamed and planned and debated what it means to be the church that God calls us to be. Show us, Lord. I am tired after a long day. But it's a good tired. The kind of tired that comes from exertion that really matters. Thank you, Lord.


KMiV said...

Sounds like a great day. Sundays can be exhausting--but it makes us look forward to those days off.

Sarah Megan said...

Sundays are SO busy at PUMP.
I hope you got a little nap or something.
I cant wait to be busy there :)

Love ya

Aimee Jo said...

That is a good tired!! I'm so glad that you had a fulfilling day worshiping our Lord!!

Steve Maxwell said...

Can I please "getmesommadat" tired. Boy, I miss it. Thanks for sharing Kristi.

Allan W. said...

It did feel like a positive day, in spite of all the challenges. It felt like we are moving forward.

Anything is better than the marathon Sundays we used to put in!

It was a good Sunday.

Randy said...

I always chuckle at those who maintain that Sunday is a day of rest. That would be nice.