Saturday, January 13

Fly Away

Allan and I stayed up too late watching Superman Returns last night. Some important thoughts:
  • When Superman and Lois go for their romantic flights, how do her legs stay horizontal? Wouldn't they be dangling down in a most unbecoming way?
  • It would be quite a challenge to win a custody battle against Superman. I just can't see him saying, I'll take every other weekend and holidays.
  • Even though they don't actually sing the lyrics in the movie, it is impossible to go to sleep with Can You Read My Mind? playing over and over and over in one's head.


Johnathan M. Thomas said...

I keep hearing things like this about this movie and people wonder why I haven't seen it yet.


Steve Maxwell said...

Hey Kristi,
I just sort of forgot the movie right after I'd seen it and kind of indicated to me how I felt about it. At least you and Allen got to hang out together. Keep me on that "special" prayer list because I am into "24" and Frank Peretti Novels, new and old. :-) I miss you guys. Take Care.

KMiV said...

I was thinking the song "Is she really going out with him," by Elvis Costello (not the Sugar Ray version).

You ask some interesting questions Kristi. I guess we need to see the movie now.

Randy said...

Keep asking the hard questions!