Monday, April 28

Parable of the Lost Ring

Suppose a woman has ten lovely rings and loses one. Does she not light a lamp (or find flashlight batteries), sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together (or blogs about it) and says, 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost ring.' In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

My left hand looks incredibly beautiful today with its dear old friend firmly back in place. My wedding ring has been found!

Friday, April 25

No More Good-byes

I'm sick of saying "good-bye". In the past couple of years we have sent friends to live all over the world. With dear family living in Texas, Colorado, Indiana, and Uganda is seems we are saying our good-byes just moments after we have greeted with hugs and hellos. This week we had to do the dreaded deed once again. We are sending our good friends, Tim & Cheryl, Rylee, Skyler, & Kendall, back to their other home in New Mexico. It really stinks.

This is another reason why I am looking forward to heaven with such great anticipation - no more "good-bye"! Won't that be great?? We just get to hang with our friends and family, laughing and joking and bantering and generally having a great time together. I don't know, though - Tim & Cheryl may get us into some trouble up there. We'll have to see.

I'll be seeing you guys at Pepperdine next week, and then two weeks later spending some good girl time in New York with Cheryl, so I guess this doesn't really count as a good-bye this week. Right? In honor of some of my biggest laughs this year, Cheryl, I'll translate for you:

Ill be see'n you guys at Pepperdine N-to-tha-izzext week, n then two weeks lata spend'n some good girl tizzy in New York wit Cheryl, so I guess this doesnt really count as a good-bye this week. Riznight?*

And while you are getting settled in NM, don't forget to unpack your Business Socks! Love you guys!


Thursday, April 24

Walking With Blinders

This week there was a terrible story out of Kent, Washington where a girl was killed while crossing train tracks that run through her neighborhood. It appears that Angelina was so engrossed in a cell phone conversation that she didn't hear frantic warning honks from a witness in a car or even the train whistle as the giant came barreling at her. Angelina lived next to the tracks and there is speculation that she had become so used to the sound that she no longer heard the massive locomotives rumbling by each day.

I couldn't help but see a parallel to our life journeys. We get used to our everyday surroundings and become comfortable taking risks. Even though signs point out a safe passage just a short distance away, we choose to cross at our own risk. We get so absorbed in our own selves and so used to the presence of danger that we don't hear the warning sirens as the force of sin comes to destroy. We often don't even know what hit us.

So stay alert! Keep your eyes up. Don't take the easy path, which can be fraught with danger. Listen to others' warnings. Be careful out there today.

Tuesday, April 22

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

This conversation has been all over our blogdom circles the last twenty-four hours. Whether you tend to side with the likes of Mark and Greg or lean more towards a view shared by Jared or Mike, it is a hot topic, to be sure (where are all of the thoughtful political discussions led by women??). This election cycle has brought out great passion in many people, which is such a great thing for our country! In years past, there was a lot of talk of the apathocracy that is the American public; this year's elections have awakened the sleeping beast it seems.

So let's hear it...If you had to vote today, where would you check your ballot: Clinton, Obama, or McCain? And most importantly, why? What leads you to support a candidate? What sways you most - the particular hot issues at hand, the party, or the candidates overall character? What issues are non-negotiable?

Tell me what you think! *Be Nice* as you share.

Saturday, April 19

Website Redesign

I was looking at this blog the other day and my reaction? Blah. Blah. Blah. I have commissioned the best of the best to make me look better than I deserve. He's asking for feedback, so for my sake, let him know what you think!

Tuesday, April 15

The Making of Super-fans

As I was driving to pick up the kids after school I heard a commercial highlighting that tonight was the Blazers' last game of the season. One of my lesser noble life goals is to get Trailblazer season tickets; I could not let this season go by without entering the pearly gates of the Rose Garden at least once! When I suggested it to the kids, Trinity responded appropriately: We have to go! We just have to go! Being quite early, we played outside in the freezing cold for 90 minutes before joining the mass entrance. Up to the very, very tip-top row we went, but no complaining from any of us! When we found ourselves down 8-5, Trinity became rather despondent: Mom, we're gonna lose. I just know it. Thankfully, a fortune teller she is not. It was a great game, with the Blazers up by fifteen when we left at the start of the fourth quarter (already way past bedtime). The best part of the evening was passing on the joy of this Portland tradition. I remember the '77 championship and my brothers' room adorned with Blazer paraphernalia. Now my kids, thanks to fan appreciation night, have their own Blazer posters to put up. We talked about the importance of home court advantage and the sixth man (we also discussed the importance of dancing appropriately, unlike the Blazer Dancers!) It was great seeing Trinity raise her arms and yell with each three-pointer. I laughed as people four rows up looked back to see if there was a bald-eagle screeching in the rafters - Nope, that's just Fiona screaming for joy like everyone else. Connor's biggest concerns of the evening were that the blimp couldn't throw things to us because we were too high up. Some day we'll be in range, buddy. Someday.

Thursday, April 10

American Idolness

Do my ears deceive me? Am I in some Alice In Wonderland land? American Idol closes its mega-evening with "Shout to the Lord"? Nice.

I have never before watched AI, but thanks to the writers strike, I got on board on opening night this season. Since the basketball brackets are all said and done, I'll place my predictions for American Idol (in order of dismissal):

As Simon often points out to the early contestants, I think he's "forgettable".
Our Oregon girl has had a couple of good weeks in a row, but I think she's annoyed enough people to not make it all of the way. Way to hang in there, girl!
There's no doubt she has a pretty voice and an amazingly beautiful face, but she seems limited in the type of music she can perform well.
His aw-shucks personality is both his greatest strength and his biggest annoyance. I do really enjoy his mellow sound. His "Hallelujah" was one of my favorites of the season.
Ah, Brooke. I love Brooke. She has the most attractive personality of the whole crew. Her sound is unique and her songs choices have been perfectly suited for her.
David A
The 12-year-old (not really) early crowd favorite has definitely been blessed with some amazing pipes. That kid can sing fo' shizzle (sorry, the urban comes out sometimes). But does no one else hear that airy rasp that comes out with his words? Anyway, he probably has the voice and talent to win it all, but he just doesn't have the total package. He's appears too innocent and shy. Not star-like.
Carly was my favorite from the early try-outs until the last few weeks. Her vocal strength is totally amazing. She's sounding kind of the same in a lot of her songs, though, lately. I was hoping she'd be the winner, but I'm not sure now.
David C
Other than being a cocky dude, this guy is IT. Did you hear Billy Jean? Very, very cool. He is the full performer. The Rock Star. This year's American Idol.

Any opinions you want to share?

Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday Randomness

No, I have not found my beloved iPhone yet. Or my wedding ring. But I did find my keys! Yay! I feel a little guilt that I am more emotional over my phone than my ring (which I do truly love). I am moving nicely through the stages of grief - I rested in denial for a while and still visit there often. I hit anger a few days ago. Where is that stupid phone?? I don't know if I am bargaining exactly, but I have resorted to begging God to show me where it is. Please? Please? Just show me today. Please?So I guess depression and acceptance are soon to follow.

I just read that Condolezza Rice left the door open regarding running as VP with McCain. That doesn't make him as attractive as Barrack, but it surely would help his case, in my book. Go Condi!

There was baby in India born with two faces! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I know it's tacky to be a rubber-necker, but you have to see the pictures. Bless her sweet heart!

My newest addiction? Geni.

Thanks for the prayers for my dad. He ended up having his gall bladder out due to "sludge" (which makes my mom smirk every time she says it) and pancreatitis. He's recovering well and is home from the hospital now.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 1

Don't Believe a Thing You Hear Today

I am not an April's Fools Fan. I don't particularly enjoy Punk'd or any event where someone is made to feel stupid for someone else's pleasure. BUT, there have been some good pranks pulled out there. And I'm not just talking about the rubberband that the kids and I put on the kitchen spray nozzle so it shot straight at Allan when he turned the water on this evening.

* A few years ago when I was listening to NPR, they did a long story about changing the Boston Celtics (seltics) to the Celtics (keltics), to be culturally sensitive to the Irish. They interviewed players, people in Ireland and Boston - giving all points on both sides. I was shocked - Can they change the pronunciation of such an institution? It wasn't until the next day that I realized that I had been snookered [other yearly spoofs include last year's iBod, federal health care for pets (2002), and advertisements projected onto the moon (2000)].

* Today I was checking in with one of my regular reads - Tim Ferris and his 4-Hour Workweek. Part of his regular message is smart workflow and outsourcing pretty much everything (he has even outsourced his dating - seriously). Yesterday, which he reasoned was April's Fools somewhere in the world, he wrote a post about how he was confessing to have outsourced the writing of his blog for the past year. People were outraged and disappointed - until he fessed up today.

* In 1996, Taco Bell announced it had bought the LIberty Bell, renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. A White House spokesman furthered the joke by stating that the LIncoln Memorial was now the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.

* In 1998, Burger King introduced a Left-Handed Whopper. It had the same ingredients, but the condiments were rotated 180 degrees for the benefit of left-handed customers. They received thousands of requests for specific handed Whoppers.

* In 1957, BBC made an extensive report on spaghetti trees, which remains one of the most well-known April pranks.