Monday, March 31

Now Where Did I Put My Kids?

So I can't find my keys. Or my wedding ring. Or my cell phone (I know, it's not the first time).

We may have a burglar who enjoys stealing one item at a time.

Or I've lost my memory along with several of my possessions.

update: Found the keys! Half the set right where the should be; other half left at the parents when they borrowed car.


Randy said...

I hear monkeys and certain types of birds steal shine objects. Perhaps you have some new pets?

Leah said...

I have two of your kids. Don't worry. They are having a good time. I'll give them back when you come get them. You know where I live...or...I can tell you if you need me to. :) *snicker*

Love you!

sarah said...

I lost my keys and after three weeks of not being able to find them adam went to lowes and made me new ones. the guy at lowes died laughing when he found out adam was making them for me!