Sunday, March 30


Johnathan wrote a nice tribute to my brother, Jeff, on his 52 Photos site.
Sissy slap Monkey fights, gourmet "pressed head", AK-47's, rebellions, babies, witches, curses, fires, plane crashes, stranded, dredging dead bodies from mucky waters, snakes, COBRA'S, poisonous centipedes, children's hospitals, betrayal, threats, broken bones, riots, theft, machet, viruses, soldiers, orphans, hunger, refugee camps, LRA, ADF, muzungoo, teaching, prayer, faith, love. Believe me the list goes on and on. Many will die having never lived... not Jeff.

Jeff embraces life. ALL OF IT. When Jesus said, he came that we might have life and have it abundantly, Jeff believed it.
Read the rest of it here.

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KMiV said...

I would have to agree, Jeff and Cheryl are rare. They are some of the few ministry folks who actually live out the message of Jesus in their lives and family.

I look at some of the Bible majors who are heading into the pulpits and churches and think a year with the Cash's would probably help them avoid being introverted book worms.