Wednesday, September 19

Monday, September 17

Family Joy

Fourteen years ago I fell head over heels in love with the most precious being I had ever encountered - my first nephew, Mackenzie. After FaithQuest this month, Mack awakened his parents at midnight, seeking to be baptized by his dad in their backyard swimming pool. Mack is a very analytical guy, so I know this decision has not come easy for him. I am praying that in the years ahead Mack will hear the Lord's words and will feel the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit, which lives within him.

A number of years ago, at a time when Cheryl was infected with malaria, we all were concerned as we always are when Jeff or Cheryl get sick in Africa. But this time was different. Cheryl was pregnant with her first child. The statistics of a pregnancy succeeding through active malaria were not encouraging. So we fervently prayed and prayed and prayed. And thanks be to God, our little fighter, Kinley, made it through with no issues. Throughout her young life Kinley has been a child filled with the zeal and knowledge of Christ. I see in Kinley the fire of passion that runs through her parents' veins. We received word that, despite heckling onlookers, Kinley was baptized by her dad this week in the stream that meanders through Ft. Portal. I pray that Kinley will be force for the Kingdom throughout her life, using her gifts for His glory alone.

Thursday, September 13

Today's Math Equation

One 13-month-old + one jar of salsa with an apparently loose lid + light beige carpet = a fun way to start our Thursday!

Wednesday, September 5

First Day of School

We had a successful first day of school and first day back to work and childcare today. You can read Trinity's account and about Connor's day on their blogs.

Sunday, September 2

The Cost of Motherhood This Evening

Screams so loud I am sure all of the neighbors think someone is dying: every 12 minutes

Some type of bodily injury: every 5.3 minutes

Average decibel level: equal to a small chainsaw next to your head

Times each motherly request has to be repeated: 4.2

Ounces of tears shed by children: a big gulp worth

Amount of time between each request to watch t.v. or play on the computer: 1.3 minutes

Physical space between mother and child and any given time: 0.0

Number of hours daddy has been gone: 54

Number of hours until daddy is home: 22

Earlier bedtime because school starts this week: priceless