Sunday, September 2

The Cost of Motherhood This Evening

Screams so loud I am sure all of the neighbors think someone is dying: every 12 minutes

Some type of bodily injury: every 5.3 minutes

Average decibel level: equal to a small chainsaw next to your head

Times each motherly request has to be repeated: 4.2

Ounces of tears shed by children: a big gulp worth

Amount of time between each request to watch t.v. or play on the computer: 1.3 minutes

Physical space between mother and child and any given time: 0.0

Number of hours daddy has been gone: 54

Number of hours until daddy is home: 22

Earlier bedtime because school starts this week: priceless


Sarah Megan said...

You are so crazy, but that is really cute.

You will probably get a call from me on Tuesday evening. It will be aimed mostly at Trinity to see how her first day went, but I will love to talk to you too~!

Aimee Jo said...

Oh, you give me so much to look forward to in being a mom!! Can't wait for the chainsaw level noises!!
I saw Allan out at Faith Quest; it's cool that he gets to be out there, but I'm sure you are missing him a lot.
I hope that the back to school transition is smooth-and yeah for earlier bedtimes!!!

KMiV said...

OK, you have put into perspective what it is like while we are gone from the house!

Amanda Peterson said...

Hope the next 22 hours go better!

Jason Hill said...

Thank you for your sacrifice while we used your Daddy. His contributions were priceless to us.

Kenli Shea said...

man, I miss your kiddos. I did fit in well with the crazy Port. Miss hanging out with you.

Steve Maxwell said...

K-White and children, thank you so much for allowing your husband/dad to come out to FQ. He has ridiculous skills and it was very nice having him be there. Don't be surprised if he is continually requested out at FQ. He is very good. It was very to see you guys and have breakfast with you. It is different when it isn't face to face, but if you ever want to talk just give me a call. I have the same number. God bless you all.