Thursday, September 13

Today's Math Equation

One 13-month-old + one jar of salsa with an apparently loose lid + light beige carpet = a fun way to start our Thursday!


Sarah Megan said...

Oh Kristi Cash White,
I'm soooooooo sorry :'(
Fi probably had fun though, right?

Kaelea said...

What?!?! No picture??? Wow - bummer! Do you need any help cleaning it up?

Jessica said...

I am beginning to believe that there is some conspiracy among all beings under the age of 8 to drive the "tall" people in their lives ABSOLUTELY BONKERS!!!!!!!!! All this crazy can't be coincidental, can it?
I hope your carpet enjoyed the salsa!

Ellie said...

I'm with Kaelea, I was expecting a picture. *smile*
Hope the rest of the day is smoother!
Let me know if Fiona feels the need to try Cascade's salsa.

Kenli Shea said...

oops. I third Kaelea, get a pic next time for sure. This will be funny in a few months, just let me know when we can laugh together.

kristi w said...

A picture?? I know it must seem like Allan & I always have a camera attached, but at 7:00 in the morning, I was just focusing on removing the smell of ONION - blek!!

Allan White said...

The "nonono..." dance you did when you saw it: priceless!