Sunday, January 27

Technical Pain of Epic Proportions

Note To Self: When one is implementing a new spectacular tagging system for one's prized, uber-organized email structure, deleting one's previously used email folders will in fact erase all of one's emails. That would be years and years worth of emails. Including all of those marked "important" and "follow-up". Losing all of one's emails can be that little shove that sends an already mentally fragile mind over the precipice.

Note To Self: Good call marrying a guy who can fix all of that in a few days.

Thursday, January 24

Reason for Women

I came across this section of writing from Augustine, one of the great influences in church history.
If it was not the case that woman was created to be man's helper specifically for the production of children, then why would she have been created as a "helper"? Was it so that she might work the land with him? No because there did not exist any such labor for which he needed a helper, and even if such work had been required, a male would have been a better assistant. One can also posit that the reason for her creation as a helper had to do with the companionship she could provide for the man, if perhaps he got bored with solitude. Yet for company and conversation, how much more agreeable it is for two male friends to dwell together than for a man and a woman!...I can not think of any reason for woman's being made as man's helper, if we dismiss the reason of procreation.
Poor guy. He had such potential.

Monday, January 21

A Little Ray of Sunshine in an Otherwise Depressing Football Season Finale

Harding's own Torrance "Tank" Daniels will play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 as a member of the New York Giants. Tank (#52) played yesterday in the Giants' 23-20 overtime victory in sub-zero temperatures at Green Bay and had a tackle on a kickoff return.

Thursday, January 17

Packer Church

Now here's a Church of Christ that really speaks to me (if it wasn't for the location) - Flexible start time! Sports! Humor! A dress code?!

Saturday, January 12

The Days of My Fog

This week I took Fiona in for her latest round of pokes from our nice doctor and left with my own prescription. I am now officially under doctor's orders to regularly get seven hours of sleep per night. Seven hours - in a row. I don't know why he felt compelled to intervene on this. Maybe it was when the tears started with the question, "So are there any issues we need to discuss about Fiona?" and didn't stop until he left the room quite a while later. Maybe it's the shadows under my eyes that are as dark as the night that clued him in. Possibly it was when he witnessed Fiona's passionate insistence to be nursed when she heard he and I discussing its foreseeable end. Whatever the reason, our doctor said I either need to leave the house for two weeks or the family needs to gear up for a rough month while we convince Fiona of the new rules. Put on your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a bumpy ride.

Saturday, January 5

Thank You to Mr. Breninger's Typing Class

72 words

Learn Touchtyping

This is what I do on an exciting Saturday night. How 'bout you?