Saturday, January 5

Thank You to Mr. Breninger's Typing Class

72 words

Learn Touchtyping

This is what I do on an exciting Saturday night. How 'bout you?


Jennifer Davis said...

Ok, that is cool (and lame that we are both online at this hour doing these things).

84 is my score. I wonder if this test wouldn't be the single best indication at whether people are "email" or "phone" people? :)

Allison said...

That is CRAZY fast! now is see there's an 84?!??!?!

Allan White said...

I suck suck suck. Low fifties.

Jen, you've always been fast, but dang! I thought I was a txt person.

I really, really hate that the test doesn't use normal sentences. That throws me.

KMiV said...

64. I have to stop because I can get compulsive, competative, and frustrated on this. I will mark it for future use.

Great job Jennifer and Kristi.
Can't even type my email and login right.

Randy said...

you always come up with some fun things to investigate

even though my score was 81 I hardly ever get the word verification right on the first time

Sarah Megan said...

So my nails are short enough now for typing and I got 63 words per minute my first time.