Monday, December 31

2007 in Review

Best Fiction (first time read): The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe

Favorite Non-fiction: Personality Type: An Owner's Manual

Favorite New T.V. Show: Life

Favorite Continued T.V. Show: Lost

Worst Moment in Sports: It's a two-way tie between he Oregon Ducks loss of Dennis Dixon and the Blazers loss of Greg Oden

Favorite Commercial:

Movie to Cause the Most Nightmares: A two-way tie between Children of Men and I Am Legend (with the exception of Ratatouille, the only two movies we saw in a theater this year)

Best Vacation (only vacation in many, many years): Christmas in Victoria, British Columbia

Best Food Blog: Smitten Kitchen

Biggest Laugh At Someone Else's Expense: Poor Miss SC

Favorite New Toy:

Hardest Decision of the Year: Transferring Trinity from Woodlawn Elementary to Columbia Christian

Scariest Moment: Connor's close encounter with a waterfall

Favorite Connor Quote: I love my mommy so much my brain hurts!

iTunes Song Receiving the Most Plays This Year: Bad Day by Daniel Powter (thanks to Trinity)

Favorite New Song: Justin Timberlakes' What Goes Around

Favorite Picture:

or Maybe This One:

or Maybe This One:

Happy New Year!


Procters said...

Sounds like an eventful year! Blessings to you in 2008!!

Michelle.... said...

Beautiful children!

Rachel said...

Love this post! What an awesome way to look back. :)