Monday, August 27

Some People Don't Have Maps - No, Really, It's True


Jennifer Davis said...

I heard this on the radio today. Incredible! I wonder if she could have picked out the US on a world map. I'd put my money on "no."

So, how would you answer the question?

Q. Studies show that 20% of the US population can not identify the US on a world map. Why do you think that is?

A. Although it would be difficult for me to speculate on this research, without reading the full report and reviewing the research methodology, I would hope this kind of data would be a wake-up call for parents, educators, and policy makers on the importance of geography education. If anyone in the audience finds themselves in the reported 20% who do not know the location of the United States on a world map, I encourage you to go to a library, go online, or ask a friend. It is everyone's responsibility to be informed on such basic information and to expand one's worldview.

Jennifer Davis said...

I passed this along to Tony, who was pleased to report that our 4 year old son could pick out the US on a world map. Whew! He could even pick out Oregon, California, and Texas. I guess we need to get Miss South Carolina a map puzzle to practice on. :)

Allan White said...

Ow. OW. This hurts me, deep inside, to watch. OW.

I would have said:

"As future Miss South Carolina, I believe people don't know where the United States is on a map is because they have not been taught to care. Why care about where our rilly, rilly great nation is in relation to those other, smaller nations? Why would people ever want to leave our democratic utopia?"

Jenny said...

I'm just really glad that she cares so much for people in "South Africa and Iraq and such as" because it is much more important for them to know where the US is on a world map than it is for people in the US. I mean, we're already here, right?

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

one more reason why not to me a "Miss" anything.
live by the sword... die by the sword.

Randy said...

Ha! We attended a fourth of July celebration at the Washington Monument one year and the reigning Miss America took the stage to sing God Bless America. She didn't know the words. Ha!