Saturday, August 11

Props to BV

Those of us in the Northwest look forward to summer for many reasons, but none more so than the fresh berry shakes from Burgerville. For those unfortunate souls who don't have firsthand experience, these are not just any shakes; these are huge chunks of fresh Oregon raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries with thick ice cream and delectable whipping cream, mixed in perfect harmony. I don't even need to start on the scrumptious Tillamook cheeseburgers and flavorful halibut fish with which we are blessed. Oh my! But here is my newest reason to love BV - their meals for kids. Like many parents I would guess, I am not a big fan of the toys that accompany most kids' meals; for example, our latest "treasure" is a character from the Simpsons who loudly declares, "You can never have enough Flanders!" Fiona loves to push that little button - over and over and over again. BV takes a higher road that I appreciate.
We just finished planting the small packet of sunflower seeds using the little red trowel and miniature plant pot that came with their hamburger meals. Instead of adding to our magnificent Simpsons collection, we can aim to complete our flower garden thanks to the fine folks at Burgerville.

*Sorry to Jeff & Cheryl for such a heartless post. I'd get you a complete BV menu right now if I could!


KMiV said...

I agree, there is nothing like those BV shakes and home grown onion rings. Everyone who visits us gets to go to BV and they all love it.

Jeff Cash said...

I'll have a double tillamock cheese burger with bacon, blackberry shake, and large onion rings! Wow that sounds good! I probably couldn't eat it all but it sure sounds good.
Would three of you do me a favor? Someone get a fresh strawberry shake, some one get a fresh Oregon blackberry shake and someone go and enjoy a fresh raspberry shake. This is what we call "intercessory eating" Enjoy!

Allan White said...


Those shakes are the bomb - literally. Sooo good going down, but my stomach cramps about a minute later.

Andrew Martin said...

"Mmmmmmm... Burgerville milkshakes... " (to tie in the Simpsons theme)

But seriously, those shakes are fan-freaking-tastic.

Carol said...

There isn't a Burgerville within a day's drive of where I live.
We do visit the Quick Stop Drive-In at Rockvale Junction in Montana. They will put huckleberries in your chocolate shake when they are in season.

Randy said...

I love that sign that declares the last burgerville for how ever many miles.