Wednesday, August 22

Ten...Make That Eleven...Things I'd Enjoy Doing Before I Die

1. Take a ballet class.

2. Walk hand-in-hand with Allan through the streets of Firenze, Italia.

3. Attend an NFL game.

4. Learn Spanish.

5. Write a book worth reading.

6. Explore Scotland during an extended stay.

7. Climb a few more of the Cascades with my family.

8. Become a good piano player.

9. Spend a weekend or two or ten with my childhood friends, Lisa, Lezlie, & Kristin.

10. Draw plans for our dream house (& then have it built).

11. Have season (even half-season) tickets to the Blazers.


Andrew Martin said...

Hey, those are all pretty doable in the near future.

I hope you get to do them all soon and then get to make a new list shoot for :)

Sarah Megan said...

So when I move there.

1. I will so go to an NFL game with you. They are pretty great :)

2. And if I can afford it, I will buy Blazer tickets too :)

Im glad to know that I have a sport lovin girl up there so I wont be alone

Jennifer Davis said...

Nice list. I agree with Andrew. You probably can do all of these things and should just get them on the calendar!

This is a thought provoking question.

Kenli Shea said...

Make this twelve- get a tattoo, seriously do it, then call me.

KMiV said...

Can you do #2 as an imaginative trip, like the one you took to Scotland?

I agree with Kenli for #12.

Cheryl said...

First, I've been noticing in some of your posts and in your comments the name Kenli---what a perfectly gorgeous name :-). Can't wait to meet her.
Second, get the tattoo.
Third, great post! Let us know as you check things off!

kristi w said...

Cheryl - Kenli came up from Fort Worth to lead our Summer Program this year and became a great friend to me. It would really throw her when our kids would talk about Kinley, whom we started referring to as Africa Kinley. The spelling difference gets me, though!

Aimee Jo said...

Question: Where would you like to build your dream house?
Just wondering.

Also, I have another list for you to make-see my blog for details.

kristi w said...

We would build in the field just north of my parents' house (I'm sure they'd be all for it - right??). We're up here right now while I'm on vacation and I can't think of many places more relaxing. The kids can run free; the view is mesmerizing. Maybe someday...