Saturday, March 31

Where Is My Cape?

I am a superhero. My abilities are endless, I am sure. I could stop a locomotive with my bare hands, if necessary. I could swim the ocean. I can swoop in and save young, innocent lives from the jaws of death. Just put one of my kids in jeopardy and I will suddenly develop new and amazing talents.
Latourell Falls
Allow me to paint a picture: My kids and I, along with my brother's family and my parents, traversed a hike in the gorge to celebrate a beautiful Spring Break day. We discovered on our return trip from the upper falls that we needed to take a little detour. With the bridge washed out, we needed to cross over the raging, freezing, deep torrents on a log placed just so for such an occasion. Mind you, it was a huge log, so it wasn't really that precarious -- unless you are a four-year-old. As Connor and I, holding hands, neared the far side, he lost his footing and went off the side. As my mind registered that his little body was dangling ten feet over the water, I thought, I've got him! Then just as quickly I thought, We're both going in! As I valiantly fought the beast of balance that attempted to draw us both into its icy clutches, I reached back and grabbed a wee twig - one no larger than my pinky. This little respite allowed just enough time for my superpowers to kick in and right both of us up. When we reached stable land, Connor whimpered a few times and quietly declared, I almost fell in the waterfall, mommy. A little farther down trail and I saw that we were just upstream from a very, very high waterfall.

I am mother. Hear me roar.


Sarah Megan said...

Im glad you are the mom you are and that sweet boy of yours is okay.

I miss the gorge. And I miss YA'LL

70 days :)

Allan W. said...

Kristi's post is veiled in humor, but the situation could have been quite dire. Dozens of people die in the Northwests' rivers every Spring and Summer; many die when they jump in to save another.

I am so, SO glad her super powers kicked in when they did. Great job, Supermom!

ewall said...

That is an awesome, yet terrifying story! I am glad that you guys are all ok! way to be mama white. :)

Lori Ann said...

that is a nightmare of mine...i always think about that happening when we are out hiking or looking at the waterfalls. that gives me chills just reading about it.
allan is right about the accidents that happen in our area rivers and such. way to go kristi!

Aimee Jo said...

I'm glad that you & Connor are safe. How scary for you! I hope that I get super-mom powers when my baby comes along!

Jennifer Davis said...

Good for you! Whew! That was close.

I remember visiting Carlsbad Caverns with my grandparents and observing how tightly my grandpa was holding my brother's hand. He was so afraid he'd wander off into a pit (trust me, this place did not have adequate railings) that he squeezed the little kid's hand white. Better safe than sorry. It was probably the combination of my grandparent's anxiety and the eerie lighting of rock formations that lead my then 5 year-old-brother to conclude that "the devil lives down there."

kristi said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I hope that when I become a mom I gain superpowers, because usually I am the one falling in and down and needing to be saved

Amanda Peterson said...

Nicely done! Will you now retire to the White Cave to resume your secret identity?

Ellie said...

Wow. So glad you are all okay. How amazing of God to give you superpowers. Missed you guys lots, can't wait to see you soon!

Cash Girlz said...

I'm stunned. I will be giving prayers of thanksgiving that you are both all right. I miss you all and can't wait to see you again.
Sierra and I have started a blog together, Cash Girlz. Sierra does most of the writing. Drop by if you can.
Love you!

KMiV said...

Now that is a superhero story. And you can hold it over him for many years..."Remember when I saved your life..." You could probably imbellish it a little--maybe Niagra Falls, or jagged rocks and wolves jumping at you.

Or it can just be left as is.

Glad you both are OK.

Cheryl said...

So glad you are both okay!

Leah said...

Trying to think of a place to get a mommy sized cape... I'm not sure "they" would make one that would adequately embelish the wonderous mother that you are.

I remember a couple of times when my life was saved by my father. I don't think Connor will ever forget what you have done for him or the strength he felt in your grasp.

You are amazing!

Randy said...

We always knew you had superpowers. Thankful you are all okay.