Thursday, March 15

Craig Ferguson Piece

Everyone in my family is on that terrible precipice - you know, that ledge right before you succumb to a terrible cold. I'm trying to fight it with Zicam and mind-control, but I'm not sure it's going to hold.

You may have seen this on Mike Cope's blog or a million other places for that matter - once it's on youtube, it's everywhere. Craig Ferguson, whom I enjoy watching mostly to hear his great Scottish accent, gives a poignant monologue about comedy, kicking those who are down, and his own fight with alcoholism. It's worth twelve minutes, if you can find them.


Carol said...

Great video, Thanks for sharing it.

The OE said...

Great video but the one thing that comes to mind seeing your spot is: Damn I miss Portland!

Leah said...

I hope you can stand up to "the cold" that keeps circulating. I'll watch the video when I can find those 12 minutes.