Thursday, April 10

American Idolness

Do my ears deceive me? Am I in some Alice In Wonderland land? American Idol closes its mega-evening with "Shout to the Lord"? Nice.

I have never before watched AI, but thanks to the writers strike, I got on board on opening night this season. Since the basketball brackets are all said and done, I'll place my predictions for American Idol (in order of dismissal):

As Simon often points out to the early contestants, I think he's "forgettable".
Our Oregon girl has had a couple of good weeks in a row, but I think she's annoyed enough people to not make it all of the way. Way to hang in there, girl!
There's no doubt she has a pretty voice and an amazingly beautiful face, but she seems limited in the type of music she can perform well.
His aw-shucks personality is both his greatest strength and his biggest annoyance. I do really enjoy his mellow sound. His "Hallelujah" was one of my favorites of the season.
Ah, Brooke. I love Brooke. She has the most attractive personality of the whole crew. Her sound is unique and her songs choices have been perfectly suited for her.
David A
The 12-year-old (not really) early crowd favorite has definitely been blessed with some amazing pipes. That kid can sing fo' shizzle (sorry, the urban comes out sometimes). But does no one else hear that airy rasp that comes out with his words? Anyway, he probably has the voice and talent to win it all, but he just doesn't have the total package. He's appears too innocent and shy. Not star-like.
Carly was my favorite from the early try-outs until the last few weeks. Her vocal strength is totally amazing. She's sounding kind of the same in a lot of her songs, though, lately. I was hoping she'd be the winner, but I'm not sure now.
David C
Other than being a cocky dude, this guy is IT. Did you hear Billy Jean? Very, very cool. He is the full performer. The Rock Star. This year's American Idol.

Any opinions you want to share?


kristi said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing that. I didn't get to watch last night because of a stupid paper (it's not stupid but its takeing MANY hours) I won't get to watch tonight either :( I'll have to watch online or something. Or get TIVO! (Many as a wedding gift!)

I'm mostly with you on the order - but I think Kristy or Syesha are the next to go. Enjoy Idol for me tonight

sarah said...

havent watched. dont get that channel on the stupid direct tv. the song reminded me of when adam sang with first light. they really sang that song and i think they had the same choreography!

Leah said...

Bye Bye Mikey! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

David Cook is my favorite to win.

His "Billie Jean" was kick-#@%!!

Lori Ann said...

well, MJ was on my final 3. He is so better than Kristy Lee. Syesha over sings all her songs...good old Missouri boy David C. is so good. David A. has an awesome voice, but you are right all he does is ballads.
I am such a Simon, heck I can't even carry a tune in a bucket!

suzylu said...

Well - I've never watched AI - so opinions on who's next - but the Shout to the Lord just rocked - made me want to get up to dance and praise the Lord.

Randy said...

I didn't catch the start of the song (came back in after checking on the kids) and was surprised to hear this song. I wondered if they had changed any words and after watching your clip it appears they did.

Jessica said...

I'm not a big fan of David A, but other than that, I completely agree with your order! D.C. is SO GREAT!!!

Ryan said...

I watched the whole show but got DVRed out of that one song so thanks.