Thursday, April 24

Walking With Blinders

This week there was a terrible story out of Kent, Washington where a girl was killed while crossing train tracks that run through her neighborhood. It appears that Angelina was so engrossed in a cell phone conversation that she didn't hear frantic warning honks from a witness in a car or even the train whistle as the giant came barreling at her. Angelina lived next to the tracks and there is speculation that she had become so used to the sound that she no longer heard the massive locomotives rumbling by each day.

I couldn't help but see a parallel to our life journeys. We get used to our everyday surroundings and become comfortable taking risks. Even though signs point out a safe passage just a short distance away, we choose to cross at our own risk. We get so absorbed in our own selves and so used to the presence of danger that we don't hear the warning sirens as the force of sin comes to destroy. We often don't even know what hit us.

So stay alert! Keep your eyes up. Don't take the easy path, which can be fraught with danger. Listen to others' warnings. Be careful out there today.

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