Sunday, December 31

What Did You Do This Week, Fiona?

I had my first Christmas! And ate my first stocking...

I played in the snow on Mt. Hood!

I ate my first cereal! Yumm - I love this stuff.

I got another day more beautiful!


Davis Family said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful girl! I can see she had a very happy Christmas!

Sarah Megan said...

Oh my gosh she is BEAUTIFUL.
I cant wait to see her.
And all of you, really.

Have a great new year!

Love ya'll

Stephanie said...

She did! ...and it was a sweet treasure to hold her a little this last week too!

Cheryl said...

Wish I could hold her...what a cutie!

JasonHill said...

"And my mom got a new camera."

I'm loving all your photos, Kristi. Its fun to follow the adventures of your family through your lens.

kristi w said...

I didn't mention my new toy, did I? :-) We got a new Canon Rebel XTi. Lots fun to come!

Steve Maxwell said...

K White she is gorgeous. I would love to kiss those cheeks. Hey, just so you know. I really miss you, and working with you. And thanks for all the things you taught me, they are coming in handy around my 8th month of working here. God bless you "White" people. I love and miss you all. Peace.

KMiV said...

Great pictures of Fiona. She is growing up so fast.


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! Happy New Year! Love the pictures. What a cute little chubber Fiona is! All my kids were rolly polly like that, it's the best kind of baby to have! She looks very pinchable! Hope you guys are all well. We have all the snow down here in New Mexico that you all should have I guess. Almost 60 inches on Angel Fire right now. We are melting off two feet here in Albuquerque. Supposed to get some more, can't wait!!! I don't have a blog, but here's some snow pictures of my girls taken during the storm . Thanks for keeping up your blog Kristi, I really like---and need to read it more often!

Take care,
Amy Parish

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

i guess it's been a while since I've been here. Two things.
1. Great pics.
2. Welcome to the Canon fam.