Wednesday, December 20

Twinkle Toes

For a game recently I got to reveal my "dream job". It came out something like: a CIA operative, covering as a photojournalist, moonlighting as a ballerina. Ah, ballet. So graceful, so elegant. There are few things that a human can do that is as beautiful.

This last weekend, we had a rite of passage in our household. Trinity was now deemed old enough to go to The Nutcracker ballet.

*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - There is an appropriate age for taking children to events such as the ballet. This age may not be the same for all children, but please use wisdom. Nice lady three rows in front of us, I am so glad you are wanting to expose your two-year-old to the arts. Truly, I am. Listening to said child meow throughout the sword fight between the Nutcracker Prince and the Mouse King just does not fit the ambiance of the evening. THANK YOU*

So we dressed up in our pretty clothes and headed out for a Girls Night (read Trinity's account here - she's been quite the blogger lately). Besides the concern by my six-year-old that she was going to see Dew Drop's underwear with her too short skirt, and my concern about the...umm...anatomy lesson being revealed by the men in tights, the evening was a wonder.

*PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #2 - The Nutcracker is not a sporting event. I repeat, The Nutcracker is not a sporting event. It is in extremely poor form to leave during the finale number. To the dozen or so people in our section who blocked our view while hastily retreating to the exit, I am sure that you saved yourselves a good five or ten minutes by beating the crowd out of Smart Park, but come on, people. Manners?? THANK YOU*

Back to my dream job. I fantasize that I could take a ballet class even now and be discovered as a natural. Couldn't you just see me up on stage next year as one of the snowflakes or one of the party attendees? I definitely can. I'll be sure to reserve you tickets. Bring lots of roses to throw on stage. Any color will do.


KMiV said...

I remember the Nutcracker. We took Nathan and Lauren Seal. We did have a blast. We all dressed up and saw a great performance. Portland has a great ballet company.

Merry Christmas

kristi said...

I love the Nutcracker! I totally would throw roses at you on stage. Pink ones! I think pink fits the ballet. Glad you girls had a good time!

Rebecca Brasier said...


This is Becky Edwards from Boise. I wrote a while back, but considering how busy you've been it doesn't suprise me that I haven't heard from you yet. I appreciate the way you approached this right of passage. It seems so fun. In fact, I can distinctly remember the anatomy lesson I recieved around the age of 11 when the men in tights appeared. The memory makes me laugh.
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.


Randy said...

More public service announcements!