Thursday, October 19

Where's My Prize??

On a recent drive-through episode, Connor and I decided that there is a great injustice taking place in our country. Connor pointed out that it is not fair that he gets a treat with his kid's meal, but grown-ups get nothing - but the bill, of course. So we started brainstorming. Connor suggested Thomas trains and Matchbox cars - big surprise there. It got me thinking. There are all sorts of great little treats with which the fast food chains could delight adults. Miniature lotions or shave gels. A nail file or small roll of duct tape. A piece of fruit, a chocolate truffle or even just a little mint. Don't we deserve a treat, too?

What other good ideas do you have for grown up meal prizes?


Ike Graul said...

how about get my order correct and charge a couple bucks less? Well, as long as we are dreaming...

Cheryl said...

Two Milano cookies in a package. :-)

Amanda Peterson said...

Another reason to love Sonic, peppermints for everyone with every order. Even if you are just getting a drink!

Jason Hill said...

I liked the chocolate covered espresso beans they would give at Coffee People. Do they still do that?

Some places give me a dog treat for my pooch, that's kind of nice.

And punch cards are pretty cool.

But I'm with Cheryl. I'd drive across town for a free cookie.

Jennifer Davis said...

McDonald's actually ran a promotion month ago that included a DVD of yoga moves (performed by an animated character none the less) with the purchase of a salad combo lunch. I never bought the combo because I was a little afraid of the prize. :)

I think you are onto something here. I saw once a company that put a small CD on the top of a drink (the straw ran through the center of the CD) and it included some music. I thought that was a good idea.

KMiV said...

Well, do we count the Monopoly pieces as a prize? Maybe we could call that potential prize.

Does anyone remember the LA Olympics and McDonald's scratch cards? If the US got a medal in that event you got free food. Man, I seemed to win something every time. Guess they lost money on that one because I haven't seen it since then.

Don't get me started on the 1 minute or your meal is free--that was a good gift. They lost money on that one too.

Randy said...

Mmmm Sonic. One just opened two blocks from our house.

How about some hand tied fishing flies? Would you like flies with that?

Sarah Megan said...

ohhhhh Sonic
One of the few reasons I was excited to get home after this summer.
I hear there is one going up in Hillsboro.....lucky ya'll.