Monday, October 16

The Evolution Of Beauty

As a mom of little girls, I struggle with how to teach them about real beauty - that we are amazing and valuable because we are daughters of the King. It's hard to be heard over the lies bombarding us from every angle, but I will continue to seek ways to instill the TRUTH. And maybe remember to believe it myself.


Lori Ann said...

very true.

Amanda Peterson said...

Blessings to you in that journey.

Sarah Megan said...

Wow that movie was weird/ eye opening.
I know you will do great with letting those sweet girls of yours know how beautiful they are. It wont take much work, they are precious :)

P.S. I hope that little man of yours is feeling better. Ive been praying for him....and his probably exhausted parents

KMiV said...

So here was my thought process as I watched the clip.

"Wow, what a change. Cool, look what they can do with computers. Man, I wonder if I could have that kind of wrinkle remover. Isn't this amazing how people can be transformed--we live in a great time of tech...oh, yeah--how terrible. We are focusing on the wrong thing--oops."

Guess I better rethink this before I talk with the boys.

Great clip and website.

kristi said...

Good reminder for us all. Glad you are willing to tackle the task of teaching this powerful lesson to your girls

Aimee Jo said...

Kind of scary!! I find myself striving for that kind of beauty in me (although, for most of us "normal" people [not models] it's unattainable.)
This is one area of my life that I have to continually remind myself to live/see as Christ and not as culture.

Jason Hill said...

I think this clip should be shown to girls once a day from ages 4 to 26.

And once a day to boys from age 7 to 60.

It could change the world.

Jason Hill said...

I just spent some time over at the Dove website and it is pretty cool:

Campaign For Real Beauty

They've done some interesting research. My favorite statistic is that "61% of all women and 69% of girls (15 to 17) feel that their mother has had a positive influence on their feelings about themselves and their beauty".

So, you are making a difference in the lives of your daughters!

(I also liked this other video.)

PapaPeters said...

Yeah I was talking to emily about this very thing last night (if We have a girl especially) I just see it every day and even at church it seems to me that when little girls get compliments every time they look cute then looking cute becomes more important than being Holy It is really more a spiritual battle than people are willing to let on....

kristi w said...

I totally agree that this is a spiritual battle, Ryan. Satan has definitely had my number in this department.

It is so hard to know how to balance the building up of a child's esteem through praise and not making appearance or accomplishments the source of the child's identity.

Jas, I'm so afraid I will be one of the 31%!