Tuesday, June 6

You're No Grown-Up, Mom!

Cute car conversation with Connor today...

C: Mom, I need some Sprite.
K: You need Sprite?
C: God drinks Sprite.
K: Really?
C: ...and coffee.
K: God likes coffee?
C: God's a grown-up.
K: But I don't drink coffee.
C: But God does 'cause he's a grown-up.


Adam Wolfgang said...

Yahoo!! I don't even like coffee! I am a kid forever!!!!

Lori Ann said...

can't argue with a 3 year old!

KMiV said...

Hey, I think the Hebrew word Caffa means something. Sounds like God does like coffee.

Davis Family said...

Douglas thinks "coffee" is anything you drink in a mug.

The boy also loves Sprite (apparently it is a kid thing). The other day we were shopping for a birthday present for a neighbor and we were chosing between two little potted plants at Fred Meyer near the check-out. Douglas saw the refrigerated drinks close-by and suggested that we get Karen a Sprite for her birthday. We chose the daffodils, but perhaps he was right and she would have enjoyed the refreshing beverage instead. She certainly enjoyed the story.