Friday, May 26

Baby Game!

Baby's arrival is coming upon us in less than two months! I thought we'd put a friendly little guessing game out there to see who can predict the baby's sex and birth date. The winner will get...something great, I'm sure! A Burgerville milkshake? Rights to change the first diaper? Something magical, no doubt. I'm up for suggestions on that, as well.

No, I do not have any inclinations as to the sex of the baby. I was sure Trinity was going to be a boy (Caleb), so I don't really trust my instincts anyway. The only fairly reliable old wives tale is if the woman consistently dreams of one sex (it's 95% accurate as a predictor, so I read), but alas, I have only had two baby dreams - one with a boy and one with a girl.

The estimated due date has been July 25, but baby was measuring a week or so ahead of schedule. Trinity was induced five days after her due date; Connor was induced two weeks ahead of his due date, so no help predicting from there either!

Here's the guesses so far:
  • male, July 10 - daddy
  • female, July 11 - Trinity
  • male, July 25 - Connor
  • male, July 14 - Grammy
  • male, July 20 - Grandaddy
  • female, July 18 - Uncle Mike
  • female, July 16 - Aunt Koni
  • male, July 15 - A.J.
  • male, July 1 - William
  • male, July 14 - Aunt Dana


Amanda Peterson said...

Alright, I'll bite. July 17th, Female. If I win, does my milkshake come shipped?

kristi w said...

Definitely! Guess you can't really help with diapers from there either. I'll come up with something!

rebecca marie said...

i'm guessing july 27 (my dad's birthday) and i think it's going to be a girl.

Jessica Bolt said...

How about July 13, in hopes that I might get to see her if I come to PSP with my youth group. :)

Cheryl said...

July 15...female.

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

Female. July 26th. Is that one taken yet. If not I've got it.


Davis Family said...

I guess July 14th and a girl.

Kaelea said...

I say a boy and a girl born on July 4th! Wishing you the best, ya know!

kristi said...

I like this game!! July 25th a girl. Kaelea, is that a guess for twins!!

Steve Maxwell said...

All you had to do was ask! :-) He will be here July 21st around noon! I will be happy to change a diaper and get shake! Much Love Steve (Maxwell)!

kristi w said...

Kaelea needs to bite her tongue. That isn't funny!

Kaelea said...

Of course I mean twins! Being a mom of twins, I can only wish the best for my friends, besides, the mommy here has dream-ed/t of both genders so I say she's right - there's one of each in there!

sarah said...

Hope its not too late to sign up. I am so behind on reading anyones blogs! I guess july 21 and female. hang in there you're getting so close! That ticker looks awfully familiar.