Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

I happen to be spending this Valentine's Day with my three littler loves while my first love is out for the evening. Signs of our old love (old in the good sense - like aged wine) that I am noticing on this particular evening when he's not here? I had to hang up my robe that always ends up tossed on the bed; I didn't realize that had become part of his daily routine. No one is telling me that I shouldn't be watching Criminal Minds before bed (although it bothers him much more than it does me). There are no willing hands here to rub my feet. I have to clean out the kitty litter - blek! One day to remember to say "I love you" is fine, but it the little daily gifts that mean everything.


KMiV said...

Sounds like a nice quiet evening.

You will need to teach the kids to rub feet!

Leah said...

I know this comes much later than one would think, but in case you see this later...

I enjoy watching you and Allen interact. You are a great example of a strong Christian family making thier way in the world. And it is so evident in seeing you together, that it is the "little" daily gifts that make the rest all worth it.