Friday, November 23

Black Friday

According to Snopes, an online rumor and urban legend site, the day after Thanksgiving is actually not the biggest shopping day of the year, as it is touted. But you wouldn't know it by looking at all of the ads, or even more so, by stepping outside your house - as only the brave would dare. This day, menacingly known as Black Friday (because that is supposedly the day when businesses become financially "in the black"), is pretty much out of control. Although I love getting a good deal as much or probably more as the next gal, the only shopping I engaged in today was a little online Apple store action. Did any of you brave the crowds for the good deals?

Oh, and just in case anyone was concerned, Mr. Rogers did not serve in the military and is not covered with tattoos.


Amanda Peterson said...

Instead of diving into the orgy of greed, I worked providing consumers with the means to their orgy. I have to say, of all the retail places to work on Black Friday, B&N is one of the best. We don't open early, don't give away free toasters, and by the time customers get to our store they are ready to sit down and enjoy books and coffee. I didn't deal with one unpleasant customer yeterday.

Leah said...

I don't like to shop... at all... ever. If I could give Logan the money, size and brand for my jeans and have him go get them I would. I am not the typical girl when it comes to shopping. So "Black Friday" means notta to me.

I don't even like to shop on line.

Sorry girls. I'll watch your kids so you can go shopping though. :)

KMiV said...

I think that Lori did the Black Friday shopping once in the past. Usually if we can find it online we do the gift shopping that day online.

We do go to the stores after lunch and most of them look like only a few people showed up.

Allison said...

I wasn't going to do any shopping, but Kohl's (do you have those) had a sale on what I wanted for my sister-in-laws. It was too good to pass up. It was kinda fun. I went with a friend and one of us held a spot in the checkout line while the other shopped. The people around us were really nice. I wasn't about to go anywhere else. I heard some people in California were trampled. No item is that important. Each person in our nation needs to spend at least a week in the home of someone in a third-world country. I think 'black friday' would be different for them after that. (sorry---long post with soapbox.)