Wednesday, November 28

Let There Be Rejoicing!

I wish I had a video clip to show you from this evening. During our Life Group, Allan mentioned that he had driven home through some snow. This bit of news sent the children, especially Kevin Crumrine, into a complete tizzy. I thought the poor kid might blow a gasket from his overwhelming excitement. Allan quickly went into thorough explanations of altitude and snow elevations, while I stumbled over an apology to Leah for the night that was to come in their household (he won't go to sleep now!). When we had prayer time with the children, we went around the group and each finished the sentence, "Thank you God for..." and of course snow was mentioned. Just a few minutes later, lo and behold, I got to make the greatest announcement of the day, Kids, It's Snowing!! There was much screaming and jumping. And more screaming and jumping. The joy was beautiful and contagious.

Thank you, God, for the snow-


Sarah Megan said...

I am surprised we got snow before ya'll did.
But I am really happy for the is quite exciting.

...i hope it is still there when i get there. ya'll have more of the blanket effect

brenda said...

I am soooooo jealous! It is all in the 70s still. I am so sick of the sunshine! I want some rain and I would LOVE some snow. Too bad that will never happen.