Wednesday, November 7

Question #3

First of all, I am not cheating on my one post per day, if you noticed that some dates have changed (and really, who would have noticed that - but I feel the need to come clean). I put a bunch of post drafts up the other day but forgot to change the dates as I finished & posted them. Whew - I feel better now.

What's boring you?

Things are too comfortable. Comfortable is boring with good p.r. Stir things up!

This is a tough one. I really wish I could feel bored more often, but that is so hard when there are so many diapers to change and children to direct and miles to drive and meals to cook. Boredom sounds kind of nice right now.

The only times I can think of being bored is when Allan has control of the remote. He has some compulsion, some odd attraction to shows that have 1. guns, 2. war planes, or 3. martial arts. Say it with me now, "Booorrring." It kills me, really.

Otherwise, I don't feel stuck in a rut. Between PUMP and family, things are pretty much always on the move and always in transition. I think that's a good thing. It helps keep me thinking and dreaming about the possibilities ahead. Or, if not that, at least it keeps me focused on keeping my head above water.


Ike Graul said...

True that. Fantastic pictures from Sunday by the way!

Steve Maxwell said...

Sometimes, its all about the "chill" time. Peace my Sister.

Glenn said...

Boring is sitting in the same lounge chair without being able to move for a month because you hurt your back. Almost as boring in loading (let's see, was it 10,000) bannana boxes of stuff from a garage and moving it to another garage, knowing that it will all happen again - the only excitement being the worry of the back getting hurt again.

rebecca marie said...

oh man, martial arts, dang. i'm so sorry.