Wednesday, November 14

Free the Rice!

A friend introduced me to a new site this evening that I can already see might be a bit of an addiction. FreeRice is a vocabulary game - for each three correct words in a row, you move up a level; each mistake drops you back down one. As a bonus, for each word correctly defined, the United Nations World Food Program receives ten grain of rice to distribute to needy countries. So not only am I playing a game, I'm getting smarter while I do it and feeding hungry families, too! How great is that?

Although I hit level 39, I really hover around 36 most comfortably. The first time Allan sat down with it, he shot right up there to 45. You know who to turn to next time you are playing Scrabble. Try it out!


Lori Ann said...

wow, thanks, now I have something else to do online! lol
It was fun and a good cause. I hover around 34, it was fun to shoot up though a couple times!

Sarah Megan said...

Yeah, its pretty addicting---but I don't feel bad for helping people out and improving my vocab.

I'm glad ya'll like it!

Allison said...

This is so much fun. Thanks for the link.

Jessica Bolt said...

I think I like this game too much. I keep telling myself I'm getting smarter by playing it. But really, when will I ever use words like howitzer or scintillating?