Thursday, November 15

Who's In Your Five?

I read this interesting quote today:
You are the average of the five or so people you associate with most.
Thankfully I hang out with some pretty nice people, who hopefully have been influencing me through the years. On the other hand, three of my five indicate that I will be spending a portion of each day in tantrum mode! This quote really sparked for me, though, the most important question one can ask - Is Jesus one of my five?If Jesus is even just one-fifth of who I am, I will look at the world with love and hope, not shaking my head in doubt and disgust. If Jesus is part of me, I will boldly speak Truth. I will have kindness in my words, acceptance in my eyes, arms that hug and give and bless. If Jesus is in me, I will crave spending time in the Word and with our Father. I will naturally be drawn to better myself through the spiritual disciplines. If Jesus is one of my five I will be humble with my gifts, be generous with blessings, be thankful for my adversities, and be faithful in everything. If Jesus is part of who I am, the world around me will be a better place. Then anyone who is around me will, in turn, be touched by Him - making their part of the world more like Him as well.

Is Jesus one of my five?

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