Tuesday, October 7

Hello, my name is blog.

A new friend of mine was talking to an old friend of mine about me recently. My old friend was liberal with his generosity as he described his perception of who I am and the friendship we shared (he has selective memory issues). The most interesting point he made, though? He stated that he has gotten to know me best through...you ready for this?...my blog. This weekend when my father-in-law was discussing our blogs with Allan and I, he pointed out how he is often surprised at the level of personal revelation I make. And, just this evening, another friend revealed that his wife is "lurker" of this site, enjoying the opportunity to get to know more about my life.

I find those comments interesting. Is it okay that someone feels like the best way to know me is through their computer? There are many discussions online about this topic. I'm curious what you think. Can you get to know someone through a blog or do you have to have face to face interactions for it to be an authentic relationship? Do you find it easier or more difficult to express yourself in this format? What about it is so appealing to some - the perceived anonymity? the opportunity for a stage without interruption? the ability to make a false front?

Talk amongst yourselves.


Jennifer B. Davis said...

I do like the idea that in "subscribing" to a friend's blog, I am subscribing to them. This is the Kristi channel, so to speak. May the programming continue!

brenda said...

When the aforementioned person is shy it might be easier to get to know them through their blog. They might find it easier to open up to the abyss then to look someone in the eyes. I think, good or bad, that in this technology age this is something that we are not going to be able to excape. Jacob can navigate the internet and play his games almost without adult help. Like it or not this is reality for us now.

Tyler said...

Blogging gives the voiceless a voice. A chance to connect more than you can with people you don't see all the time. The best case scenario is to connect with blog friends outside of the blog world. It connects things even more.

Allan White said...

I don't think people are getting to know you "through the computer". That sounds a bit techno-sterile, like it's some robot speaking for you.

This is simply your public letters to us. The material they're written on makes no difference. Think of all the great people in history that we "know" from their letters - the Founding Fathers, soldiers writing home - the letters of the New Testament.

Blogging is simply easier, more flexible, and more interactive. It's all still just letters on a page, which hasn't changed in a few millennia.

Allison said...

Wow! I had one opinion on the question asked, then I read what Allan wrote and completely changed my mind. Oh, so profound! I think my biggest fear is that, as a society, we choose isolation over contact with others. Our responsibility is to find a healthy balance...like in all things.

Anonymous said...

I love to read bloggs because I love to read about other peoples life and what they are thinking and doing. I have friends I have never met and they do not even know I am there friend... I like your writing style