Monday, October 13

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The Presidential election is less than one month away. It has been quite a race. There are two good, qualified men ready to lead our country. Anticipation and passion runs high as debates air, political maps are drawn, and sides are chosen. So I now take this opportunity to publicly declare my position. I whole-heartedly, proudly, and without hesitation declare my political party as [drum roll]...UNDECIDED. For some friends and family out there, the fact that I don't see one or the other candidate as Satan himself will be a travesty in their own eyes. At this point I just don't see either choice will be such a terrible one.

I came across a site that has been really informative for me. It's worth your perusal. The Matthew 25 Network has as its mission to support candidates who share the Gospel mandate to put faith into action, to care for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable.

Since I don't advocate for one particular candidate at this point, though, here's another site that offers a nice interview with the other candidate. This interview narrows in on a conversation about faith and Christianity.


Brian Pannell said...

hey there.thanks for the prayer...and I am SO SO with you!

KMiV said...

You are right, neither candidate is of Satan. I appreciate how they have not focused on cutting each other down. It will be a close race.

I am actually switching parties for the first time ever.

Keep up the good work blogging--I enjoy reading yours.

Cheryl Russell said...

It is just me or is it funny that our criteria for a good candidate has become: "He's not the devil?" ;)