Wednesday, October 15


If someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.
I Peter 3:15

Our Wednesday evening gathering at PUMP is focused on exercises designed to help us better "discover our faith", while letting I Peter 3 equip us for sharing our faith more effectively. I'm glad we are having a dialogue about this subject, because it surely does not come naturally to most of us; we often don't know the words for our story. But all Christians have a story about receiving the treasured gift of hope; we all have an amazing story of redemption to share. We all have a before and after.

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Brian Pannell said...

I love that..thanks my friend for sharing

Cheryl Russell said...

I love those cardboard testimonies!

Allison said...


Michelle.... said...

We recently did this at our church here in Edmond. It is always sooo powerful. Amazing how something so simple can be. We first saw it done in our Celebrate Recovery program that we have ever Friday night. Are you familiar with CR? It is an awesome ministry. Always enjoy reading your blog
Have a blessed day!