Friday, October 10

Blog Freakiness

If any of you happened to stumble across my blog on Friday, you would have seen the aliens that took over my beloved landscape of words. Apparently whomever held the keys to my lovely "Japanese Fleur" template images got caught up in the stock market frenzy and forgot to pay the bills. Allan was not available to save the day, so horror of horrors!, I had to attempt salvation myself. Voila'! Okay, not quite "Voila!", but I did manage to get something started. If I mess it up enough, Allan will be concerned to the point that he will just have to intervene. At least that's my sinister plot. In the meantime, just ignore it if you see things appear and disappear while I try to figure this thing out myself.

Hmmm...I wonder what will happen if I do this? Oops.

Update: It's been three days and his concern has not spurred him to action yet! He had to work almost all weekend, but that's not a good excuse, is it? Oh, my sad, sad blog.

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