Tuesday, October 4

Ten Years and Counting...

This week my brother and sister-in-law celebrate ten years living as missionaries in Fort Portal, Uganda. TEN YEARS! That's a long time, and bless their loving and faithful souls, they have no intention of leaving any day soon. Granted, it's not like they are living in a dry and barren land. On the contrary, Uganda is an incredibly beautiful country, with amazing, fun, engaging people. I cannot wait to get back there someday. But they have missed some big things, or at least saw them through a different world view. When Jeff & Cheryl left for Uganda:
No blogging? What did we do with all of that extra time?
Congratulations on ten great years, Jeff & Cheryl (and Kinley, Alex, Isaac & Silas)!


Jeff Cash said...

Thanks Kristi!
That was really sweet. We have missed some big things while we have been here. One year the Olympics was over before I even knew it was happening. That was weird because I used to dream about winning the Olypics.
But of all the things we have missed the hardest thing has been missing our families.
Not being able to play with our neices and nephews whenever we want. Missing family is the hard part.
Kristi, I love you. You are a great sis. Hug your (our) family for us.
We are taking the kids to an island in a big lake down near Rwanda to celebrate what the Lord has done. See you next summer, Lord willing!

Glenn said...

Thanks Kristi, you expressed the feelings of all of us. They are going near Rwanda - 10 years ago the genocide had happened just the prior year and it was not safe anyplace near there. Let's see, where was PUMP 10 years ago????

Cheryl said...

Thanks Kristi! Your encouragement means the world to us. Bless you today...