Wednesday, October 19

Discipline Cont'.

Thanks for all the great feedback! I should have known my incredibly wise sister-in-law would give us a gold nugget:
For me, the answer to "why be disciplined" would be "to remember and practice my need for Him and His control in my spirit, mind and body." We are all controlled by something...self, Him, career, food,money...Discipline is choosing what has control...practicing that choice daily and declaring what that choice is with the outcomes.
That is right on the money, Cheryl (no pun intended...get it?..Cheryl Money?? (her maiden name)...right on the money?..). What has control of my life? Why am I making the choices I make? Yes, I can be a good person and choose to drink ten Dr Pepper's per day (I don't, by the way), but why do I make those ten choices? Probably out of a desire that stems from...I don't know...something not good. Probably selfishness. Maybe addiction.

Ryan also said something that resonated strongly with me:
To me trying to be disciplined by seeking to have perfect discipline's is like seekeing perfection from sin only attainable by the grace of God. We can't do it. It doesn't mean don't seek disciplines that help this process.
A wise person told me (whenever I reference a wise person, you can fill in "Allan") that will power is not strong enough to alter most habits. Motivation is the crucial question. I know that I will most likely get diabetes, since pretty much everyone I'm related to gets it. Yet I do not have a disciplined approach to exercise right now. The prospect of death or blindness or losing my feet should be enough of a motivator, but it doesn't get my running shoes on each day. Pouring over God's word night and day leads to all sorts of good things in my life, yet it remains a sporadic habit, at best.

Ryan, Foster's Celebration of Discipline is a must-read! That book has probably effected our family more than any other besides the Bible and Hooray for Wodney Wat.

Okay, long posts are annoying, so I will stop for now. I want to talk more about motivation for discipline (what actually works) and what started this whole line of thinking for me later. And please keeping giving your feedback! I truly am wrestling with this and desire to hear your thoughts.


randy said...

Perhaps discipline is that which reconciles the great disconnect between knowledge and action. I believe it was John Ortberg who wrote something like: "The point of Bible study is not to work through the Bible. The point is for the Bible to work through you."

I'm curious to read your continuing thoughts. I make no promises, however, to give up Dr. Pepper!

phyllis said...

Discipline is action that comes from within, but God can give us that motivation when we want to become more like Him. For me, my lack of spiritual discipline stems from my self getting in the way, limiting the Spirit. Age has little to do with discipline--or I would have gained it by now--rather it is when I purposely place myself in God's hands that I grow.

Keep on seeking, girl!

PapaPeters said...

"(discipline is when)I purposely place myself in God's hands that I grow." Phyllis that is so right I've been trying to come up with some qoutes to help my motivation and 'm stealing this for one fo sure. One time I had a conversation with a friend and we talked about how painful life could be if we did everything to grow in Christ that we should. It reminds me of The great Divorce by C.S.Lewis Where to atain closeness with God one has to be willing to go through a painful process that makes them strong enough to be near God. I think we don't choose to be disciplined because there is always discomfort. Somewhere along the line our culture our survival instinct has taught us that we should seek to live with as little pain as possible. I personal don't think this works with bearing our cross dailly.