Friday, October 28

New Look

I'm bored with my blog style, so I'm going to try out some new looks.


Jason Hill said...

Seriously? It seems like just yesterday you were starting all of this. How can you be tired of your look already? You should get that design freak husband of yours to build you a custom template then you'd be the coolest. And while you're at it, have him get you your own domain so you can have a cool non-blogspot site like he has. Ya know, what's the point of having a cool, design-talented husband if you can't get some bling for yourself? Of course it is the cobbler's kids that never have shoes :rolleyes:.

Allan said...

Well, we have talked about it. I reserved a domain for her (I think it's like or something) and we have talked doing an ExpressionEngine blog. Last we spoke (correct me if I'm wrong, hon), she felt that she didn't need that much control over the blog, or all the extra maintenance.

However, since she's posting quality stuff regularly and getting way more comments than I ever did, I would say if anyone deserves a sweet custom blog it would be hers!

If I get some time this winter it would be sweet to do one for each of us with the same platform. Time's at a premium lately, though, so I'd say that's less than likely. Besides, v2. has to get done first (sneak peek for those who care).

Steve Maxwell said...

Ok! So I agree with Jason, because Allan's design stuff is off the chain. However, I feel him on the time premium thing. Oh well, those White people do great work together so I am sure it is just a matter of time.
PS Allan the new PUMP website is looking loving as usual.

kristi w said...

It's all about priorities. I would rather use my husband's amazing talents to, let's say, frame & hang our photographs on our currently blank walls than to have him devote great time to making me a blog, as cool as it would be. I keep trying to think of ways that he can retire soon, so I can have him work on all of those great projects and much more, but each strategy I think of is either implausible or illegal.

Allan said...

When I retire, I'm going back to oil & watercolor painting.