Sunday, October 23

The Sounds of Silence

With two kiddos, two kittens, and a vital ministry within a thriving city, I don't have a lot of quiet in my daily life. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I just spent the last ten minutes in a very happy state of silence. Wearing comfy sweats, I am slowly rocking in my glider chair with a cup of hot Earl Grey in my hand. I put my head back, closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me. I get lost in the crackling of the warm fire in the fireplace to my side. I hear Connor breathing and the light chuthunk-chuthunk of his wire and bead toy across the room. Without being able to understand the words they are saying, I can hear Allan and Trinity talking in the basement, occasionally laughing together at something one of them has said. From the sounds of their jingling collars, it sounds like the kittens are playing around Allan's and Trinity's feet.

The silence was short lived. By the time I finished the first paragraph of this post, chaos has resumed. I hear my own occasional yelps as the kittens take turns trying to claw their way up my leg in order to help me type on my laptop. Connor is swinging a long loaf of French bread around by the end of the package, yelling, "I want some bread! I want something to drink! Daddy! Daddy! I want something to drink! Apple juice! Mommy bought me apple juice!" Trinity is singing a operetta, very loudly, to her baby doll. Allan is making a valiant effort to get the bedtime routine under way.

I have come to appreciate both extremes - the times of loud laughter and play, yelling and wrestling, as well as the quiet moments when I can actually hear myself think.


Cheryl said...

There is a story out there about a brilliant red flower made to bloom in the darkest forest...the flower bemoans darkness...the Creator says, "you are more beautiful when contrasted with the dark forest instead of lost in a sea of those that look just like you." Or something like that.
Anyhow, silence is like that me. Much more brilliant and precious in the contrast of the noise of life. You are right. We must appreciate both--noise and silence.

Amanda Peterson said...

As I have told the other moms and wives in the neighborhood, if you ever need a place to come for recuprative solitude, you are more than welcome to crash here!

PapaPeters said...

isn't it strange how silence sounds. It's almost like something is missing. I will never forget the first time i heard relative silence in yosemite valley surrounded by trees and the forest and the rivers but it seemed as if there was this wonderful sound of nothing. Amazing

Cindy said...

AHHHH! Thanks for the validation!!